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Amazon Brand Registry empowers you to effortlessly discover content in various Amazon stores. Scan for content utilizing pictures, keywords, or a rundown of ASINs in mass and report presumed infringement through a basic, guided work process.

When you select, Brand Registry gives you more noteworthy impact and command over your image's product listings on Amazon. Your enlistment in Amazon Brand Registry Services gives access to integral assets including restrictive content and picture seek, predictive automation dependent on your reports of suspected licensed innovation rights infringement and expanded specialist over product listings with your brand name.

What Should You Know About Amazon Brand Registry Program?

Amazon Brand Registry Program gives access to

  • Integral assets including exclusive content and pictures look,
  • Prescient automation dependent on your reports of suspected protected innovation rights infringement
  • Expanded specialist over product listings with your brand name.
  • Amazon Brand Registry causes you to ensure your enrolled trademarks on Amazon.

After enrolling your brand on Amazon, brand owners and Amazon vendors can speed up the way toward expelling a fake or inauthentic product from a posting since they can without much of a stretch demonstrate to Amazon that they claim the brand. Fake postings are an amazingly regular issue for well-known brands or vendors with higher deals speed. Amazon Brand Registry Program won't fend off forgers, yet it will make it simpler to expel them.

Benefits of Choosing Our Services

Our Amazon Brand Registry Services gives you access to tools that empower you to all the more precisely speak to your brand, find and report an infringement, and offer data that can help us proactively counteract infringement.
01. Accurate brand representation
Brand Registry gives you more command over Amazon product pages that utilize your brand name, so clients are bound to see the right data related to your brand.
02. Powerful search and report tools
Simplify the way toward discovering instances of potential encroachment with our custom highlights planned explicitly for brands:
  • Global inquiry: scan for content in various Amazon stores from a similar screen while never exploring ceaselessly
  • Image seek: discover product listings on Amazon that coordinate your product(s) or logo(s) utilizing pictures
  • Bulk ASIN seek: scan for a rundown of ASINs or product URLs to investigate and report conceivably encroaching substance quick
03. Brand Registry Support
Our worldwide team is accessible 24 hours every day, 7 days a week to help with any inquiries that you may have.
04. Brand-building benefits
Build and develop your business on Amazon by exploiting tools like Enhanced Brand Content, Stores, Sponsored Brands, and the Brand Dashboard.
05. Additional proactive brand assurances
Notwithstanding our standard proactive measures to secure clients, Brand Registry utilizes data that you give about your image to actualize extra prescient assurances that endeavor to recognize and expel conceivably awful postings. The more you inform us in Brand Registry concerning your brand and its licensed innovation, the more we can enable you to ensure your brand, for example: Product postings that aren't for your brand and erroneously utilize your trademarked terms in their titles or Images that contain your logo, yet are for products that don't convey your brand name.

We Offer Services To

We Offer various Amazon Brand Registry Services. Find out as below:

  • Apply to the Amazon Brand Registry Program for your sake
  • Encourage the arrangement of documentation and evidence of responsibility for a trademarked brand to Amazon
  • Confirm that your products have been tried out the Brand Registry and appoint Global Catalog Identifiers (GCIDs)
  • Recognize and report on some other vendors utilizing your enrolled brand(s) in their listing(s)
  • Investigate and correct any products not enlisted naturally

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